The Structura Limited., which is the owner of www.immo-hr.net is an agency that works on the Croatian territory since 2008 and through years of working abroad, we have acquired the necessary know-how to offer our clients the best of service. This experience helped us in a relatively short time become one of the hottest agencies in the area of the Kvarner coast. All employees of our agency (North Adriatic Group, Ale-Ale Ltd., Ivan Murn Ltd., Eligere konzalting Ltd, VAL-Nekretnine, Impensa investments & real estates, Marviss Ltd., Istra Immobilien, Grand Ltd., etc.), have the national qualification for real estate brokers. Structura Limited can cover with its diverse range of services from professional partners the whole part of the northern part of the Croatian coastline aswell as the islands. We have what everyone desires.

Services that are provided are:

  • Assistance with purchasing the suitable real estate
  • Gathering the documentation required to conclude a sales contract/pre-contract
  • Legal advice and ownership registration at the land registry of the Republic of Croatia
  • Legal assistance regarding the fulfillment of tax obligations towards the Republic of Croatia
  • Legal support during inheritance proceedings and their solving
  • Real estate appraising
  • Assistance with the obtaining of project documentation
  • Assistance with the choice of an appropriate architect and interior design
  • Performing all kinds of construction
  • Property management http://www.immo-nova.biz

All our services provided to you with absolute discretion and will be done professionally. Our international team can adapt to the needs of international customers very quickly. We have on the basis of our cooperation with the rest of Europe learned to see what is wanted. Therefore, we invite you to show your trust in us, and you will be soon a part of Croatia. Together with us you can enjoy the attractions of this beautiful country!

We help you to make the right choice!

Find the home of your dreams anywhere on the Kvarner coast, Istria or the Gorski Kotar. Select a city, island or beach, and the rest you can leave with trust in our hands!

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