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Posted on July 29, 2012


World property market began to slowly recover as the 2009 approached the end, although still showing signs of instability. The report was prepared by the Global Property Guide based on data from 27 countries. The last quarter of 2009 brought growth in real estate prices in 16 countries, while a further 11 recorded a fall, but still yearly price growth was recorded only in 10 countries. This shows that the market is still in crisis.

Although a slight increase in the second half of the year was recorded in many countries, it can not undo a huge drop in the level of the year. Just to mention Latvia (a bit less than 60%), United Arab Emirates (almost 50%), Bulgaria (about 28%), Iceland (a little over 20%), Russia (almost 20%) and Slovakia (approximately 15%).

In relation to the first half of the year, when prices rose in China, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden and Hong Kong, prices have risen in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and South Africa before the end of the year, although it amounts to about 1-3%. Thus, in the U.S. prices rose by 1.2% with the annual decline of 7.5%, but it should be noted that the decline decreased from the beginning to the end of the year, indicating a positive trend of the market. Most successful market is that of Israel, where prices rose at the annual level of over 10%. Recovery and price growth were also achieved in Switzerland, Indonesia and Norway.

The markets in Asia and the Pacific were revived, so Australia recorded a growth of almost 5%, while New Zealand is a little behind with 2%. Hong Kong also recorded an annual growth of 3%, but the other Asian financial giant, Singapore, recorded a significant drop of 11%.

Positive signals for big investors are coming out of Dubai with the growth of 7% in the last three months, although, as already noted, the annual drop is a huge 50%.

The research results clearly indicate that the crisis affected the once fierce developed real estate markets of Western countries and Arab sheiks, while in Asia, where the overall economic growth continued, the growth of the real estate market continued too.

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