Property Investment Croatia | Why do old flats keep their price?

Posted on July 29, 2012


New oonstruction or old? New apartments are nice, but often they know to offer poor quality. In any case, it is best to bring a guide who understands the issues during the purchase.

The difference between the quality of the construction of new buildings and old buildings is great. Each new apartment is equipped with separate devices for measuring energy consumption and the difference is even greater when it comes to materials used during construction. If you consider all possible new technologies that are now used in construction, then the new building should be a sure winner. However, everything changes when we know that the apartments are still built by people, people who usually like to invest in something and save some money during the process. This leads to big problems, because not many use quality materials, nor the most modern technologies. In addition, old buildings are usually built to suit needs of people, which means that durin construction builders thought about comfort for the people who will live in an apartment, not just the profit, which is the case today. Besides all stated above, the greatest advantage for old buildings is definitely location. All attractive locations for construction of real estate were occupied a few decades ago, so if the buyer just has to live in the city center or some other attractive location, he/she is ready to give an unrealistic amount of money for an apartment in an older building. This is an emotional component that is difficult to express in money.

New buildings have their advantages and the old have their’s, but the biggest problem is that the difference in prices between the old and new housing is simply too small, which creates an unrealistic picture of the real estate market.

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