Property Investment Croatia | Taxation of property in Croatia?

Posted on July 29, 2012


After the Croatian VAT was increased from 22% to 23% and a new “crisis tax” introduced on all earnings, it seems that a new Croatian real estate tax is already being planned.

No details related to this tax are known, but it is mentioned that only second and third real estate will be under taxation. Some economic analysts believe that taxation of property, including real estates, is a good decision, but that this should also lead to a decreased taxation of work and wages. One of the possible models could be the taxation of only a part of living space depending on the number of residents, which would mean that only an “excess” in square meters would be taxed. Other possible solution would be not to tax the number or living space, but only the value of a real estate. Except from this real estate tax, there is also talk about new taxes on dividends and profit from selling shares and companies.

To summarize, we can only wait for the new state budget for 2010 to be absolutely sure what the Croatian government will “cook” next.

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