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Posted on July 29, 2012


We recently gave some information about how foreigners can buy property in Croatia and we stated how one way was to start a company. Now we are going to give you more detail on this subject.

It is best that you get a Croatian lawyer to do the registration of your company with the Commercial Court, Central Bureau of Statistics, Tax Administration, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.

Every company in Croatia must of course have an address in the country to be registered, so you should probably take care of this first. Then you should get to work on certifying all the documents to make them legally authentic. You do this in the office of a public notary, which will be explained to you by your lawyer. You also have to translate any document written in some other language.

Now we get to the part of opening a bank account for the company. First of all, it should be noted that opening a private limited company is the cheapest way of getting a company in Croatia as it requires only 20,000 Kunas, while anything else would be much more expensive. You can have more accounts in more banks if you believe you could need them, but you must specify which account will be used for which specific purpose.

After this you must register with the court that resides over the area your company is located. First you submit the notarized application which must contain company name, office, business, account, capital, statement by board members, names and identification data of all owners, document of establishment, list of managers and statements that prove how the company or it’s owner have no debts towards the Croatian institutions or any other liability.

When you take care of all the legal details you should make a stamp which has the name of the company and the court registration number, after which you also must get the company number given by the Central Bureau of Statistics and a tax number issued by the Tax Administration.

If you plan to have some employees in your company you must take care of their pension and health insurance.

As you see, starting a company in Croatia is not easy at all, but if you have a good lawyer who can get it done as fast as possible, than you should be able to move into your Croatian real estate without any unnecessary problems!

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