Property Investment Croatia | Stable commercial real estate market

Posted on July 29, 2012


During the past couple of years business offices were being built all over the place, with even more of them announced before the crisis. Then the recession came and all plans were put on hold.

All investors should consider themselves very lucky with the fact that most of their office spaces were already rented out when the crisis struck and that companies which now operate in them are bound with long term contracts. This left a rather small number of unused offices on the market and the demand for them also dropped because of the financial crisis. It may seem a little bit weird, but this situation is actually good for the market of commercial real estate in Croatia, which is now stable. If it had not come to this, the offer would eventually be much higher than demand and prices would drastically fall. Something like this already happened in some European markets.

Currently the development of new projects is put on hold because banks announced more strict conditions for getting loans, so now investors have to come up with their own source of financing. Despite all these problems, it is expected than the regional market of commercial real estate will continue to develop in the near future.

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