Property Investment Croatia | Selling in the Adriatic is finally growing!

Posted on July 29, 2012


Each year the Spring brings blooming of life, and this year it brought bloom to the real estate market in Croatia. Sales in the Adriatic jumped nearly 15 percent!

Economic recovery in the world returned customers to Croatia, and most of them are after luxury villas by the sea. Customers who have such finances were never actually poor, but the crisis impacted their consumer habits. No matter how strange it may sound, psychological blockage is much harder to break than financial.

They are looking for apartments too, but they are also mainly luxury. This is to some extent a problem, because the middle class citizens, who are also the most numerous class, still fear for the future, so decisions for investments in new homes are difficult for them. Although the news of the market recovery are most welcome, it is not good that the property market in Croatia depends exclusively on foreigners.

Prices also influenced this positive move. All prices fell, regardless of the type of property, so flats and houses are automatically accessible to more customers, regardless of whether they are foreign or Croatian citizens.

All this is still quite far from the “golden years” of Croatian real estate agencies and construction companies. A large number of agencies have shut down and smaller construction companies have endured severe strokes. However, the cyclical movements of the economy is normal in capitalism, and it can also be expected in Croatia. After each rain, the sun has to come.

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