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Posted on July 29, 2012


In a time of crisis housing savings societies are perhaps the best form of savings. The reasons for this are their conservatism, security of operations, stable yields and state incentives.

Every Croatian citizen can be a client even if he is residing abroad and contracts are concluded for a period of 5 years. If he makes a loan before the end of the contract, the entire contract amount will be placed at the client’s disposal. There are a number of tariffs depending on savings time, and interests on deposit of 2-3%, depending on the currency clause.

Signing a new contract after the first 5 years gives the right to progressive interest, that is to an even greater profit. After 5 years the client can also use all special purpose funds and government incentives. Some savings banks offer different interest bonuses, especially if the client contracted savings for a child. These bonuses range from 25 to 100%, which is a great encouragement to all young parents.

Most deposits in housing savings are ensured, and every individual family member has the right to a contract. With interest and government incentives to the annual amount of at least 5,000 kuna, it is clear that this is the most profitable form of investment with great safety. After several years of investing in risky stocks and various investment funds, which was a big hit among many citizens of Croatia, it seems that the financial crisis and recession destroyed all illusions and that people are again returning to conservative forms of investment of their funds. In addition to savings banks and the financial market, this is good news for all entities involved in the real estate market in Croatia, whether it is the construction companies or Croatian real estate agencies, since the large amount of housing savings could easily end up on the market.

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