Property Investment Croatia | Real estate market recovery?

Posted on July 29, 2012


World analysts expect that this year the market will finally touch the bottom, but this is not that bad … Why? Cause this means that next year the recovery starts!

The growth of the real estate market in whole of Europe is expected to start next year, everywhere except in Eastern Europe. Does this mean that Croatia will continue the negative trend in the market? Yes and no. Although Croatia is among the critical countries, our market is still on a some sort of border between East and West from an economic point of view. This means that, depending on the sector of the market, recovery can be expected during the 2011 and 2012.

Investors in Croatia will have to be reconciled with lower rates of return on investments, and banks can expect to have to finance projects through some other models. Large residential projects can be expected in 2012, and the same goes for new shopping centers and office buildings. Further stabilization of prices will also help the recovery of real estate market in Croatia, but that does not mean that all existing apartments will automatically be sold. Regarding industrial property, the situation is quite uncertain and new investments can not be predicted. Tourism should be successful as usually, but here there are also various, mostly legal issues.

In the end, optimism comes from neighboring Slovenia. Apartments market in the first three months grew by over 70 percent! Unfortunately, this trend is not followed by houses.

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