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Posted on July 29, 2012


On the assigned day of completion, the buyer and seller will be presented at the office of the Notary to sign the title deed.

The Croatian Notary does not check any terms when buying property in Croatia, but certifies that both parties have agreed to the terms stated. At that stage your agent will prepare a copy of your contract and all other necessary documents to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia.

When acquiring a property in Croatia, foreign citizens need to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. This is a formality that requires 12 to 18 months to complete. Applications are not refused unless the individual has an adverse history with relation to Croatia.

In Croatia the ultimate proof of ownership is entry of the owners name in the local Land Registry. The local courts will not allow a foreign citizen to be entered in the Land Registry without the approval stated above. Here is a list of the documents which have to be supplied to the Ministry when requesting an approval to purchase property in Croatia:

The sales contract;

An excerpt from the land registry for the particular property. This document is usually obtained in each municipality at the local municipal court; it’s land registry division;

A document from the local municipality, from the following department: “Ured za prostorno planiranje”. The document is called “Uvjerenje o namjeni”, for the particular property;

Proof of citizenship for both buyer and seller; any photocopies have to be reviewed by a Croatian Notary Public

When buying property in Croatia, a clause in the contract safeguards your finances, protects your rights and allows you to take advantage of your property with immediate effect while you wait for the paperwork. Once the approval arrives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia your agent will fax it to the local Land Registry and confirm you as a new owner. The final step of the process is to pay the tax for your new Croatian property.

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