Property Investment Croatia | Legal unity of a real estate

Posted on July 29, 2012


Your land is registered in the books, but the house built on it is not and you want to sell everything. What now?

The new Croatian Law on Property introduced the principle of unity of real estate by which unregistered property on registered land is also considered as registered. Property is considered unregistered if the land it is on is unregistered. Therefore, the principle of legal unity says that the subject of the sales contract is the whole property, land and the building.

This means that any agreement related to the building and land must respect the principle of legal unity, or that contract will not be possible to implement in the land registry and the buyer will not be able to register as the owner. In such situations it would be wise to contact a lawyer or a Croatian real estate agent.

via Property Investment Croatia | TRASA Real Estate Croatia – Part 6.

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