Property Investment Croatia | It is time to buy in Croatia

Posted on July 29, 2012


The global financial crisis is knocking on all doors in Croatia! The situation is still not as dramatic as it is in the United States or in Great Britain, but its effects are starting to show in Croatia too. The real estate market is not hit hard like other markets, but all consultants tell us that there will soon be some turmoil. Although it is not risk free, it is still a good investment to buy a property, especially if it is a luxury villa, or some other exclusive real estate. There are some people who need money right away and they will sell their house now because they are aware of the fact that their real estate can only lose value in the coming months. This also goes very much for sellers who offer apartments suited for families in the biggest cities like Rijeka, Zagreb, Split, but also in attractive tourist destinations. The bad thing with the current situation is that the year 2009 will bring a somewhat absurd situation in which prices will hit their low, but the banks will also limit their offer of loans. This means that any investor with a big stash of money standing by can’t do anything better than buy some property for future sale. The crisis may be coming and it may hit hard, but never forget that real estate does not lose value in the long run, it can only bring you profit if you are patient enough to wait, especially if we are talking about an attractive market like the Croatian one certainly is.

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