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Posted on July 29, 2012


The beauty of Croatia is becoming a favourite for holidaymakers. With its villages dotting the Adriatic coastline, forests and mountains within its interior, Croatia offers something special. Considering this, Croatia is becoming a rising star on real estate and tourism scenes. Croatia is one European destination that many investors are standing up and taking notice of. We highlight the reasons:

Government Stability

Although the government is a relatively new democracy, it has made incredible strides in a short time. With a strong programme backing involvement in European and global politics, Croatia is making a name for itself. Croatia is in the midst of a number of reform programmes to make the country more stable. The government’s stability and firm leadership are inspiring property investor confidence.

European Union Entry

The government has been working very hard to bring the country up to European Union standards. Ascension is anticipated sometime within the next few years. Croatia is a member of the UN, the World Trade Organization and a number of other organisations. Impending entry into the EU constitutes welcome and good news for investors.

Economy is strong

Croatia doesn’t have the biggest economy by any means, but it isn’t the most populated nation either and it is doing well. The country’s major industries include shipbuilding, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and tourism. This is very confidence inspiring for property investors who seek the comfort of an already established economic stability.

Croatia’s Natural Attraction

Much of the attraction of Croatia is in the fact that a wide expanse of the nation’s landscape remains untouched by development. This is appealing for tourists who want to get away from the concrete jungles. A Yale University survey completed ranked Croatia 12th in the world for preserved, unpolluted natural habitat. Croatia came in well above other European countries traditionally considered unspoilt such as Italy, Spain and Greece.

Diverse Geography

To say Croatia’s geography is diverse is an understatement. Within its 56,542 square km expanse you can find a little bit of something. Its geography boasts beach front property, rolling hills, mountains, plains, rocky outcroppings and more and includes more than 1,000 islands. The climate ranges from continental to Mediterranean. visit the beautiful Adriatic shores one week and then take in some incredible mountain vistas the next.

Growing Tourism Industry

With its incredible expanse of Adriatic Sea coastline, beautiful weather, unusual architecture and unspoilt landscapes, Croatia is very popular for tourists.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

As Croatia attracts the attention of investors, it is also enjoying a reworking of its infrastructure. Major infrastructure improvements designed to make travel within the country easier include a new highway between Zagreb and Split and a new roadway system for Dalmatia.

Low Cost of Living

The strong Venetian influences in Croatia are evident from the culture and food to the architecture. Although the Venetians only ruled for a short time in the Middle Ages, they left their mark. This styling blended with Eastern European flair is very attractive! The cost of living in Croatia may be high by Eastern European standards, but it is not for Westerners.

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