Property Investment Croatia | How to increase value?

Posted on July 29, 2012


What is the price of the property, what is the value? Everyone can determine the price how they wish. But value, it is something that can not be expressed in numbers. It is up to the buyer to know how to estimate the value according to his criteria and thus decide whether to pay the price that you specify. It is up to you to try to make that impression more better!

1. Increase space in the apartment! I do not think about the physical space that is determined by square footage, but that spacious feeling, which can be achieved by proper setting. It is important to know that empty space increases the value, so get rid of everything you think could be in the way during the demonstration of the flat.

2. It is also important to decorate the property. Fresh paint, new carpets, decoration, and maybe even small and fresh flowers.

3. Make all necessary repairs at key places in the apartment. There is not much need to explain why it is important to repair the pipes or cracks in the ceilings, but it’s also a good idea to renovate the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, when renovating, do not spend too much money, because you are selling a flat to another, you are not renovating it for yourself.

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