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Posted on July 29, 2012


Awareness of the environment is one of the most important themes of modern society, but equally important is the one about saving, that is the rational consumption of energy.

Croatia is also engaged in this area and so it created an energy certification for each building on the property market. Everything must have an energy certificate and a clearly defined energy consumption for heating, cooling and ventilation, and this document will become a part of any sales contract. The buildings will be divided into classes A +, A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

Energy consumption will surely become an important criterion when buying a home and business premises.

Energy card will also be given to hotels, restaurants, sports venues and all public buildings. Exceptions are only buildings smaller than 50 squares, churches, monuments and industrial buildings.

In Croatia, there are a million buildings that will have to get an energy certificate, and the deadline for the adjustment is entry to the European Union. Certification will be given by qualified personnel, and so far about 50 people passed the “school” to be qualified certification experts. For now, no building in Croatia has a certificate. The investor who builds a new building shall have to provide an energy certificate before usage of the building.

What does the certificate bring to the market?

– It contributes to order on the property market

– Gives a clear picture of energy consumption

– Proof of quality

– Improvement of marketing

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