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Posted on July 29, 2012


One of the last ideas was that the state offers financial help to jobless buyers of flats to facilitate the situation by paying their loan rates for a couple of months. The idea was dismissed from the government.

Banks have announced lower interest rates on housing loans and more flexible conditions when approving them. The government has also jumped into the market with incentives that should boost sales. Unfortunately, this leads sellers to believe that a new building can hold unrealistically high prices of flats. It is not constructive and sellers who have demonstrated good will as far as prices are concerned have no problems with sales. Customers are most confused. They are hearing about incentives and favorable conditions for purchase from all sides, but all this has no effect if prices do not fall at least a little.

What about second-hand flats? The situation is colorful. You can get a rather good price, but still there are sellers who sell by all kinds of “strange” criteria because of which their price is unrealistically high. They are convinced that they live in the best location in town, how they are experts for real estate in Croatia, who know exactly how the prices will move in the future, that their furniture is worth more than double the real amount and that the prices on the internet portals are realistic. It is simply not so! If you get a realistic and good offer for an apartment, then accept it, because the market will not have customers packed full of money as it was before the crisis for a long time.

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