Property Investment Croatia | Addressing housing issues of the young

Posted on July 29, 2012


Financial problems and difficulties in obtaining loans are the biggest problems of young people when it comes to buying real estate. One of the problems are conditions that are required in employment, such as experience, foreign languages and higher education, all for a small salary, or even a minimum wage. With such conditions, the question of how young people can solve their housing problems presents itself.

Demography is also part of the problem, especially in the former socialist countries. A large number of young couples with children live as tenants or with parents, while the situation is even more critical with singles. The impossibility of solving a housing problem is one of the leading reasons why young people rarely enter into marriage and decide to have a family. You could say that this is a vicious circle of demographic problems. A debate on solving the housing strategy should definitely be started around this issue. A large number of young people are tenants and are most disadvantaged. Flats are small, prices high and a fact that they are usually rented out without an application prevents a tax refund.

States should certainly be more actively involved in solving this problem by encouraging both demography and housing. Some European countries, like Holland and France, have even included provisions that people have the right to housing in their constitution and the states took obligation to provide them. In Croatia, the market for new housing so far worked quite liberally with uncontrolled prices. In Europe the situation is somewhat different and the market is controlled, so the larger cities and housing societies are often involved in plans for building housing for citizens, as is the case in Vienna. In such cases the prices and potential buyers of flats are known in advance.

If it wants to avoid further worsening demographic situation and housing problems, the Croatian government should also start thinking about taking a significant role in the real estate market along with the cities.

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