German and Austrian tourists flock to Istria

Posted on July 29, 2012


More than 80 thousand tourists are currently in the region of Istria on the western Adriatic coast of Croatia, a good sign for the tourist season ahead as this week marks the holy holiday which is traditionally the official start of the tourist season in Croatia, reports Croatian radio television.

Most of the tourists are from Germany and Austria, where many have taken the opportunity to use the school holidays in those countries to take a holiday at the sea. It is also interesting to note that this year there are markedly more tourists from northern European countires than there have been in previous years.

It is predicted that this year there more tourists than the same period last year and it all bodes well for the season ahead. May has already been a good month for tourism in Croatia and especially for the region of Istria. It has already been announced that because of troubles in Greece, Croatia may benefit as those tourists look for an alternative destination.

via German and Austrian tourists flock to Istria – Travel News – Croatian Times Online News – English Newspaper.

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