Croatia’s Adriatic sea amongst cleanest in the world

Posted on July 29, 2012


Last year, Croatia was ranked second out of 30 countries when it came to the cleaness of its sea water, with only Cypruss ahead. Considering the fact that the quality of the sea water rarely changes, swimmers are set to enjoy yet another year in the clean Adriatic sea, reports RTL television. Regular annual sea water quality testing has began in several Croatian counties on the Adriatic coast. Only in the Primorsko Goranska county, experts took samples from 59 locations which are now being tested in the counties Public health care institute’s laboratories. Salinity, temperature of water and air and weather conditions are taken into account along with the results of microbiological tests to determine the quality of the Adriatic sea water. The total of 906 locations from Istria to Dubrovnik will be subjected to testings which are due to finish in September.

via Croatia's Adriatic sea amongst cleanest in the world – Business News – Croatian Times Online News – English Newspaper.

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