Croatian island town leading by example in tourism

Posted on July 29, 2012


The Croatian town of Mali Losinj, situated on the island of Losinj in the Kvarner region of the Adriatic, was singled out by Croatian Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic as an example of positive development of a tourist destination, reported Croatian radio television.

During his recent visit to Mali Losinj Minister Ostojic revealed that clear positioning and careful planning of the future as well as cooperation of public and private tourism sector are among key factors of Mali Losinj’s success. He also stressed out that strengthening competitiveness in the international market is a priority of the Tourism Ministry.

Minister Ostojic, mayor of Mali Losinj Gari Capelli and tourist representatives also discussed the activities of the city and the tourist community of Mali Losinj, and projects that are important for the future development of tourism, such as the expansion of the airport in Mali Losinj Marina and Velopin.

One of the more recent positive examples of planning and development is the school of aromatherapy held in Mali Losinj, organised for inhabitants of Losinj which is in recent years marketed as the Island of Vitality.

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