Chicago Tribune: Croatias past lives on in modern-day Split

Posted on July 29, 2012


American daily newspaper Chicago Tribune has published this week in its paper an article dedicated to the Croatian city of Split. “While all the coastal cities in Croatia are tailored for tourism, Split is quite real and lively. Resting next to the Adriatic Sea on the famous Dalmatian coast, Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Hectic metropolis, a city with a harbor, a major transit point and the top destination for sightseeing all in one. Split has all the pitfalls of the modern city, but a closer look at the surviving facade of a Roman palace next to the port reveals its ancient roots, ” describes the Chicago Tribune. The author goes on to describe Split’s charm and recommends its readers to visit, adding that Split’s Marjan Peninsula, the parkland, is like a chunk of wilderness, that is just a stone’s throw from the big city.

via Chicago Tribune: Croatias past lives on in modern-day Split – Travel News – Croatian Times Online News – English Newspaper.

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