Why exclusive buyer representation?

Posted on April 11, 2012


Why exclusive buyer representation?

Research shows that most homebuyers understand very little about whom their agents represent and its vital importance. While State law requires agents to disclose whose side they are on, most required disclosures are woefully inadequate, poorly explained, glossed over, minimized, and downright confusing. A growing number of brokers represent only the buyer, which is known as Exclusive Buyer Brokerage or Exclusive Buyer Representation. Buyers Resource is the nations oldest brokerage franchise system working only for buyers and never having any conflicts of interest.

The entire foundation of exclusive buyer representation is not having any real or potential conflicts of interest with a buyer/client. When representing a buyer/client who has a home to sell a true Exclusive Buyer Broker chooses not to “list” the property for sale. In other words, they turn down thousands of dollars in full commissions each month because their clients best interests are at stake. An Exclusive Buyer Broker will never change their fiduciary relationship with a buyer/client during their entire home buying process, whereas 99% of so called “buyer agents” and their brokerages gladly represent sellers and may “switch” their relationship with you.

Remember that while buyers and sellers need not be adversarial in actions and attitude, their personal interests are adverse. Buyers want the lowest price and best terms, and sellers want the highest price and best terms. We do not make wild claims that we will save a client $100,000 on their next home purchase. We do negotiate for our clients without any chance of real or perceived conflicts of interest. You would not expect less from your doctor, accountant, or attorney, so why potentially settle for less on the biggest financial transaction of your life? What will we do for you?

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