Our service package

Posted on April 11, 2012


Our service package

1. Free initial consultation

We first obtain a thorough understanding of your requirements at a preliminary meeting. We will use this opportunity to explore the type of property you are looking for, its location, condition, size, proximity to local amenities and schools, together with your budget.

2. Orientation

If you are unsure about the areas in which to search for a property we will take you on a tour of those areas that we believe will match your requirements. We provide this service at no additional cost.

3. Property search and initial preview

Once you have decided on an area, we review all properties currently available by working with local estate agents and our extensive private contacts. We then draw up an initial list of suitable properties that match your needs, visit each property on your behalf, and finally compile a short list.

4. Your viewings

At your convenience, we take you to see all short-listed properties, so that you can choose the very best one. This need only take a day of your time, and can sometimes take less. Indeed for many of our clients, particularly those from overseas, this is the only time that they need to spend on the property search. We will take care of everything else. Rest assured, though, that we will keep on searching until we find your ideal property, regardless of our initial short list.

5. Property selection and negotiation

Once you have chosen a property, we will conduct all the negotiations in order to ensure that we secure the property at the best possible price.

6. Ensuring completion

Once an offer has been accepted, we liaise with the estate agent or private seller, solicitors, surveyors, mortgage lenders and all other parties in order to usher the process through to completion as efficiently as possible. We will ensure that potential lease extensions, mortgage offers and surveyor reports are dealt with smoothly and professionally. Our success fee is only payable once contracts have been exchanged.

7. Property management services

Weekly or monthly inspection of the object ;

Regulation of the correspondence with authorities and insurance ;

Translation your mailings in your home language ;

Maintenance and repair work etc.

viaOur service package.

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