Posted on April 11, 2012



Our job is to save the client money, time and ensure the buying process runs smoothly. There are four fees that could arise during the purchase or rental of a property.

1. Registration Fee:

A Registration Fee of €300 plus VAT will be required for a six months contractual period. The registration fee will be deducted from the final fee once we are successful in securing a purchase/rental agreement.

2. Purchase:

1.0%-3.0% plus VAT of the purchase price will be required, or 10%-30% plus VAT of the saving we negotiate between the asking price and the final purchase price (which ever is greater), but not less than €1.000 plus VAT. The fee structure will depend on your property search, BUT will be clarified after understanding your precise requirements and will we part of our contract.

3. Rent:

One months rent plus VAT is required. But not less than € 500 plus VAT.

4. Orientation Visits

A half-day chauffeured area orientation is included within the registration fee – we give a guide to properties available and advice on the local area. Further days are charged at €250 plus VAT.

A copy of our terms and conditions, contract and checklist are available on request. Get in touch now to see how we can help you find your new home.



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