Employers unhappy with public sector status quo

Posted on February 17, 2012


Association of Croatian employers (HUP) has expressed concern over Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic’s intention not to cut jobs in the public sector or change labour laws.

Milanovic promised unions there would be no dismissals in the public sector, which HUP says is “unsustainable”.

“In the current circumstances in which our country is on standby in case of a ‘Greek scenario’, it is rather brave to give a promise that there will be no dismissals in the public sector – at the time when on a daily basis some 1,000 people from the private sector are registering for unemployment,” HUP said.

HUP is also dissatisfied with Milanovic’s intention not to change labour laws, saying that social dialogue that does not include employers is like “walking on one leg.”

via Employers unhappy with public sector status quo – Business News – Croatian Times Online News – English Newspaper.

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