2012 Budget – 3.4 billion kuna less than last year

Posted on February 17, 2012


The state budget for 2012 will be lower by 3.4 billion kuna in comparison to last year, not 4.6 billion as originally announced by the government. The budget deficit this year should be five billion less than in 2011.

According to the published projections for the next two years the budget expenditures in 2013 will be higher by 1.1 billion, while in 2014 they will be 300 million kunas highre than the 2011 budget (120.8 billion). Simultaneously, the government expects to grow revenues and the budget. Projections indicate that this year they should grow by 1.6 billion, while revenues in 2014 should jump to seven billion.

According to the announcements, the biggest losers in this year’s budget are the Ministry of Agriculture, Health, Interior, Justice, Transportation and Infrastructure and Education. However, the ministers of these departments say that they will have sufficient resources to be able to function normally, reports Croatian radio television.

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